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Phillip Morgan

Phillip Morgan

High School Social Studies


Phillip Morgan is foremost a loving husband and father who greatly enjoys spending time with his family. He’s also a dedicated teacher with eight year’s experience. He taught English at Immaculata Catholic School in Asheville, North Carolina, AP US History at Veritas Classical Academy, Costa Verde International School, and also served as a mentor to migrant farm workers. In his downtime he enjoys long-mountain biking, and reading. He’s honored to be a part of the Falcon family.

I certainly want my son to have a great job and financial security, but my greatest hope is that he is a good man. I pray that he is fair, honest, industrious, generous, and brave. I hope that he loves beauty and leads an adventurous, examined, and meaningful life. I believe all children, including my own, deserve an education that enlarges their minds and their hearts.